books/films/music/events i’ve enjoyed this week


“First, we know that West Africans, who are the peoples most modern scholarship has cited as contributing almost 85 per cent of the slaves finally brought to the United States, did not sing the blues. Undoubtedly, none of the African prisoners broke out into St James Infirmary the minute the first of them was herded off the ship”



I saw this at BAM with a panel moderated by Micheal Pollan.



Here’s a link to him reading an excerpt. Super interesting stuff.

I met this dude at Bluestockings a few months back and really like the copy of this book I picked up. He also wrote a book about muslim punks called The Taqwacores.



Mauvais Sang

sometimes the monologues are a bore, but altogether, quite enjoyable.



read this whole thing listening to Harry Partch’s Delusion of the Furies.


Fear X


tonight I am going to see Ninotchka

later, gators!


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