:::There is a justice that lives within that we ALL must defend:::

 damn, it’s been a WHILE y’all. my bad!

i’ve been rambling up and down our great eastern seaboard, nearing the end with a purgatorial stint in Long Island to see my lovely sister Joanie.

so here’s a look and listen at some of the stuff i’ve been really diggin on since last we spoke!

This film is really interesting! Last year I read an autobiography called Mean Little Deaf Queer and the author spoke often about what she observed as levels acceptance and credibility within the deaf community, with the most credibility bestowed upon those who were born deaf from deaf parents, then those born deaf, then those who lost their hearing early in life, and finally those who lost their hearing as an adult. I think with many minority and oppressed groups, when people are being actively discriminated against and excluded, there is definitely a need to know who is in and who is out. Who is passing, and who is authentic? Who can we trust? For instance (not that it’s the same AT ALL) but in the black community, i’ve seen black people verbally cannibalize each other around issues of authenticity and have even been on the receiving end of that criticism (“why are you listening to that punk rock shit? you trying to be white?!”). In this movie, the decision to abstain from or install a cochlear implant ( a device that can be implanted in the skull to improve hearing in some folks) brought out some of the same issues- What will happen to our(deaf) culture, our means of survival,  as a result of this new technology?

A great film- check it out!


 So anyone who knows my healthy lust for comics knows i’ve got it reaaalllll bad for Ms Lynda Barry. Ms Barry, if you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU!

Well, I got a chance to read One! Hundred! Demons! while I was visiting my doo-dad’s in south florida and who-doggy is it wonderful 🙂 I don’t partifularly care for descriptive phrases like “slice of life”, “feel good”, “gives a warm and fuzzy feeling”, or adjectives like “wholesome” and “touching” that are used way too often in service of really trite books and films… but Lynda’s books  really do make me feel good and give me a warm and fuzzy feeling! So maybe instead of wholesome, i will just say that the characters and stories she shares with all of her lucky readers as fully and transparently human and blow a big air kiss to the lady who makes it all happen. Thanks a bunch, Lynda!


I must have really been sleeping to miss this when it came out, but I just saw it and I can’t say enough great things about it-

Trouble the Water follows the lives of several New Orleans  residents pre/during/post deluge using some pretty shocking camcorder footage taken of the Lower 9th ward (the area affected the most by hurrican Katrina and the subsequent levee failure). Watch, learn, and support!


i’ve also been worshipping daily at the throne of Ms Georgia Anne Muldrow, the unstoppable Oakland singer/producer/goddess!!! She used to be on Stones Throw, but I believe she’s got her own label now, Someothaship. She’s got a new album dropping really soon, but in the meantime, nibble on some of my favorite tracks from another of her offerings, Umsindo

Stay up!






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